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Best Affiliate Sites

This page provides links to Best Affilaite Sites.Those programs you can join and earn money.Most of the clients offer money even for just a click- through to their site.The list is a select list and are sure to pay.All you have to do is to visit their site and join their programme and you can start earning money.

101 Free Please Join Our High Earning Affiliate Program.Pays .08$ per lead. Search 0.02$per click 20 cents per lead and 1 cent per click $1.25 per registration and 0.01$ per click through.
Get your favorite picks at Pays $1 per lead.
CreateA Make up to $1000 per referral!
Join CoolBoard's affiliate program Make $2 per lead.
DeltaBar Delta Click Get $5 for downloading the software.Also get $.50 per lead.
Dialtone InternetSign up for our affiliate program and start earning money today!.Pays $100 per sale and $0.1 per lead.
Register Free.comSign up as a RegisterFREE affiliate and earn 13% of each sale and $.0.01 per click
DO Dots-Freeshop to go! Pays $1 per lead and $0.01 per click. Join our affiliate program and earn $0.03 per click.
loadedaffiliates.comPays $0.03 per click
Lynx Prowler-News Pays $0.01 per click
More Info Case BreakersAccess Criminal Records Online, The Easy Way.Pays 2 cents per click and $2 per lead.
Join My Lite.Net Pays $0.01 per click.
First Registry.comPays $0.01 per click and $1 per registration.Create a Wishlist at FirstRegistry and Enter to Win a $1,000 Shopping Spree Join now.Pays $0.05 per click and $2.5 per lead
Bocat B2B Guide Direct your visitors to Bocat B2B Guide, and we will pay you for every [Commission Program] they make! As an Affiliate of Bocat B2B Guide, you will not only be earning cash, but you will be driving traffic and establishing name recognition for your site.Pays $0.02 per click.
KAM InternationalImmigrate to Canada - Free Assessment.Point friends and visitors to Canadian Immigration - KAM International, and we will pay you for every visitor who visits our site. We pay 1c for every click that comes from your link.
Credit card Consolidators.Bill Collectors Hounding you? CLICK HERE for FREE Debt HELP!.We pay you to give away a FREE Debt Analysis! $3.00 PER LEAD! Plus HIGHER PAYOUTS for Top Producers! Pays $2 per lead.No worry over credit. Plug-in-Email --Offer Free Web-Based Email @YourDomain.Pays $2 per lead. Earn $1.00 for every new webmaster sign-up you deliver. Fastclick is an advertising network designed to make webmasters revenue.
Free Cash!-Net Filip Consumers LOVE cash. The NetFlip Affiliate program drives sign-ups by giving your visitors free CASH! Most banner ads don't work because there is no motivation for visitors to take action. We provide all the motivation by letting your visitors earn cash. We make it simple. When visitors to your site join NetFlip (an email address only!), we pay them cash and you earn revenue! We'll even give your visitors $3 for free! RedirectionFree. Short URL - Get a new web address with NO ADS at Redirection!.Earn $1 by referring members to our FREE URL redirection service.
Mile Source.comFly Free For Life! Pays $1.25 per lead.
Travel Guys Net Work.Join NOW! Book hotel and travel related items.Pays $0.05 per click for travel related sites.
SyncTalk Revolutionary We offer one of the most competitive commissions available. Receive $3.00-$5.00 per SyncTalk Professional download and $0.25 - $1.00 per Free SyncTalk Companion download. !
. Protect your computer against Trojans, Worms and VirusesDownload a free evaluation today! InDefense, Inc is a leading developer and marketer of Internet Security software.We offer many options for you to earn commissions; We pay you 15% for sales; $2 per lead; and .01 per click-thru.
StuffIt Lite As an Aladdin Affiliate, you will have an opportunity to earn excellent commissions while offering our award-winning line of productivity solutions!.Pays$0.01 per click
Americas Online Casino Send your customers to our site and every click through earns you commissions. Rest assured, Americas Online Casino is a premier site you can recommend with confidence.Pays 0.04c per click.
Art of the world Pays 0.01 per click.
BlueCompass We are the premier electronic marketplace for privately owned resort accommodations.Get 6 cents per click and 1% on a sale.
Pays 4 cents per click
Club Regal Casino Club Regal's affiliate program is a pay per click program---anytime a referral from your website clicks on our banner you will be credited with 4 cents to your account!!
LinkYourNews: EL MAS COMPLETO RESUMEN DE PERIODICO LinkYourNews is a powerful web-based application that allows anyone to add fresh, dynamic news headlines to their site or to receive personalized news based emails.Get $.50 for each referral completing our online registration form or $.02 per unique click! Love Scent Pheromone products is the web's only "pheromone superstore." Our affiliates receive commissions from 20 to 25% depending on monthly volume PLUS 15 cents for every newsletter sign-up, PLUS 2 cents per authentic click-thru
Macworld Magazine Pays 0.01$ per click.
Click Here to get FREE News Headlines for Your Site. Pays $1.30 to $2 Per Lead.
Bet on stocks! Win big money! The VersusMarket banners and text links can make you Big Money! Get $3 For every visitor that registers! In addition to that you get 15 cent per click-trough. Bet on stocks! Win big money!
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